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10 Awesome Photos of Astronauts in Space

8 - Eugene Cernan

Astronauts have always been regarded as heroes, as why should they not? They are the great explorers of the modern age, travelling into space much like Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus sailed the seas centuries ago. Many astronaut missions have been successful, and many have suffered from disaster. However, a number of privately funded programs and agencies are trying their best to make space exploration easier for astronauts, so that we can better study different planets, stars, and galaxies. Here are 10 awesome photos of astronauts in space, which tell us a lot about the stars up above.
1 - Neil Amstrong

Mr. Neil Alden Armstrong made his first space flight as a command pilot of Gemini 8 in 1966, and his second and last spaceflight as mission commander of the Apollo 11 moon landing in July 1969. The picture above is of Neil Armstrong on the Apollo 11 moon landing mission which made him the first person to step on the moon. The image shows him holding the American flag in his hand.

This is the classic image of Edwin Eugene Aldrin, Jr., also known as Buzz Aldrin, walking on the surface of the moon. The picture was taken during the Apollo 11 moon landing mission by Commander Neil Armstrong, the first person who set foot on the moon.

2 - Buzz Aldrin

The picture above is of the Apollo 16 Commander, John Young. As you can see in the picture, John Young is jumping and saluting from the surface of the moon. You can also see the Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV) or lunar rover, and the lunar module Orion in the background.

3 - John Young

The picture above shows astronaut Mark C. Lee during the mission STS-64. Mark C. Lee is testing the newly developed SAFER or ‘Simplified Aid for Eva Rescue’ system for extravehicular activities in space.

4 - Mark C Lee

This image shows astronauts Robert L. Curbeam, Jr. and Crister Fuglesang, during the mission STS-116. This image was taken during the first of three spacewalks, in which both astronauts are working on the construction of the International Space Station.

5 - STS 116

This image shows astronaut Randy Bresnik during the mission of STS-129. Randy can be seen working on the installation of the Columbus module of the International Space station. He is assisting one of his fellow astronauts with the construction of the station.

6 - STS 129

This is a picture of astronaut Charles Duke, during the Apollo 16 mission. Charles can be seen collecting samples of the moon.

7 - Charles Duke

This is a picture of Astronaut Eugene Cernan during the Apollo 17 mission. Eugene, along with astronaut Harrison Schmitt, was assigned a three-day stay on the Moon Lunar surface. The picture shows Eugene walking on the moon’s surface, getting ready to collect lunar samples and deploy scientific instruments.

8 - Eugene Cernan

This is a picture of Astronaut Carlos I. Noriega, a mission specialist. In this picture, Carlos is waving during the second of three spacewalks on mission STS-97.

9 - Carlos Noreiga

This is a famous picture of Astronaut Bruce McCandless using the MMU (Manned Maneuvering Unit) during the STS-41-B mission.

10 - Bruce McCandless

These 10 awesome photos of astronauts tell us about the progress mankind has made in exploring space and the moon. Many more missions are being planned by NASA to find life on other planets and gain knowledge about different planets, stars, and galaxies.