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10 Mind Blowing Photographs of the Heavens

6. Starry Whirlpool (Custom)

The heavens can be defined as the skies and all celestial bodies within it including the sun, moon, stars and planets. While, we all have our own ideas and opinions when it comes to envisioning the heavens, the one consistency is its mind-blowing beauty. Each and every one of the following photographs demonstrates the beauty of the heavens and each one is taken either of or from the skies and beyond.

1. The Heavens Occupied by Sun and Robot Arm
The Heavens Occupied by Sun and Robot Arm (Custom)

This incredible photograph was taken from the International Space Station and features the heavens including our friendly planet Earth from an awesome viewpoint. This inspiring composition displays the unbelievable talents of both mother nature and mankind, in the forms of the planet Earth and the robot arm respectively.

2. A Beautiful Whirlpool of Galaxy
A Beautiful Whirlpool of Galaxy2  (Custom)

This incredible spiral image is officially known as Messier 101 and also goes by the nickname the Pinwheel Galaxy. This example of the heavens is 21-million light years from Earth and is one of the most detailed images of a spiral galaxy, courtesy of the Hubble telescope.

3. Fluffy Cloud of a Nebula
Fluffy Cloud of a Nebula (Custom)

White fluffy clouds are the stereotypical image of heaven and this false color image of a nebula certainly resembles that. This cloud however is combination of sulfur, hydrogen and oxygen gases shown in a photograph that is 50 light years wide and made up of 40 frames.

4. The Magical Glistening World of the Heavens
The Magical Glistening World of the Heavens (Custom)

This sparkling and glistening image looks truly magical and features an open star cluster along with Nebula NGC 3603. The Hubble Space Telescope took this mind-blowing image of the heavens in 2005.

5. Edgy and Magnificent
Edgy and Magnificent  (Custom)

This unusual view of a galaxy displays it from a side angle, creating this edgy wormhole affect. Taken by the Hubble Telescope in 2006, this photograph of the famous Sombrero Galaxy is a combination or mosaic of six individual images.

6. Starry Whirlpool

6. Starry Whirlpool (Custom)

Science fictions fans will appreciate this photograph, which undoubtedly resembles the view from a spaceship as it enters hyperspace! The affect was in actual fact, created through a long-exposure located in the southern hemisphere, and records the lights of the stars apparently circling the pole.
7. Unbelievable Skies of Multi-Colors

7. Unbelievable Skies of Multi-Colours (Custom)
The Aurora Borealis is, in the opinion of many, one of the greatest natural sights or phenomenons visible from the planet Earth. This particular photograph was taken from Alaska and the incredible light affect is created as a result of solar winds and magnetically charged particles colliding in high altitude atmospheres.

8. Plant Earth: The Heavens as Seen From the Moon
Plant Earth The Heavens as Seen From the Moon (Custom)

Our standard view of the heavens as seen from Earth, heavily features our friendly moon and reversing that viewpoint on its head results in this unique perspective of our planet. Apollo 11 took this image looking out over the edge of the moon, during the moon-landing mission.

9. The Home of the Angels
The Home of the Angels (Custom)

This is a color mosaic image of Orion Nebula taken by the Hubble Telescope. The contrasting and flowing colors highlight the variety of objects located within, most notably the bright star known as LP Orionis. The beautiful composition of colors beautifully highlights the heavens.

10. Our Home and Heavens
Our Home and Heavens (Custom)

This impressive image was created through the combination of numerous photographs taken by the Galileo Spacecraft back in 1992. South America is easily visible on the planet Earth and the addition of the moon in the background creates a wonderful view and representation of the heavens.

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