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15 Crazy Facts about the Universe


The universe is a strange wild place, and man throughout history has been looking for ways to try to make sense of it. So, to give you a better understanding, here are 15 crazy facts about the universe that will surely get you thinking.

1. The Alcoholic Space Cloud


These space clouds are thousands of light years away and contain over a billion liters of alcohol. These clouds are formed when stars heat up, and form clouds of gas and dust. It’s obviously not drinkable, but is an important organic compound that is critical to the existence of life.

2. The Ponzo Illusion


Have you noticed that when the moon is on the horizon, it appears bigger and closer? Well, it’s actually not, it’s known as the Ponzo illusion. Your brain inflates the size of the moon thus, it appears larger to you than it really is.

3. The Moon Smells like Gunpowder


Astronauts upon leaving the moon after the Apollo missions described the moon dust as smelling like gun powder. However, scientists are still not able to determine why, because the two have extremely different compositions.

4. A Day in Venus Is Longer Than Its Year


Strange isn’t it? Venus completes an entire orbit around the sun, even before it manages to turn on its axis once. This results in a day being longer than a year.

5. Lunar Drift

sdsdAfter extensive research, scientists have determined that each year the moon moves about 3.8cm away from the Earth.

6. Black Holes

fdfdfAt one point, black holes were massive stars. When one of these stars die, it emits gaseous layers and the core collapses into a small and dense sphere known as a black hole.

7. Other Galaxies


Scientists estimate that there are a billion more galaxies in the universe, none of which are visible without a strong telescope.

8. Biggest Diamond Ever


The largest diamond ever, was discovered in 2014, guess what? It’s a collapsed star floating in outer space. It measures 4000KM across and a core composed of billions of carats.

9. Space Junk

2515515Earth has over 8,000 objects floating around it. These objects are classified as space junk or debris that is left over from space missions.

10.     Earth Has More Than One Moon


Okay, not literally but, scientists have discovered various asteroids that are following the earth as it orbits the sun.

11. Cold Welding


In outer space, once two metals touch one another, they get stuck together permanently. Welding usually requires heat, but in this case the vacuum of space plays its part.

12. The Sun Rays Hitting the Earth are 30,000 Years Old!


Did you know that, the sun rays hitting the earth started over 30,000 years ago?

13. Universal Speed Limit


It’s a fact that light cannot exceed 186,000 miles per second which is known as the Universal Speed Limit.

14. Never Climb Stairs and Add an Nanosecond to Your Life


The force of gravity increases near the surface of the Earth and so does your acceleration. This means the time slows down and you spend more seconds on different altitudes of stairs.

15. Twins Paradox


This crazy fact states that if one twin enters a spaceship, moving at the speed of light, due to the effect of relativity, the other twin in the spaceship would return to Earth relatively younger than his twin sibling.

So, these are 15 crazy facts about the universe that will surely blow your mind.