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6. Starry Whirlpool (Custom)

10 Mind Blowing Photographs of the Heavens

The heavens can be defined as the skies and all celestial bodies within it including the sun, moon, stars and planets. While, we all have our own ideas and opinions when it comes to envisioning the heavens, the one consistency is its...


11 Mind-Blowing Nebulas in Space

The word ‘Nebula’ springs from the Latin word ‘Nubes’ which means clouds. These are massive clouds of dust and gas in space, that are actually remains of dead or dying stars, while others are regions where new stars are being developed...


Scientists Plan to Farm on Mars

Researchers believe that more than four billion years ago, Mars was a warm and wet planet, possibly even swarming with life. Many spacecrafts sent on missions to orbit Mars have returned with visuals of flood valleys and canyons. Some features...


8 Theories on How the Universe Will End

If there is one thing scientists love discussing more than the beginning of the universe, it would be its end. Now no one can predict the cause or exact time of this occurring, but here are 8 possible theories that could determine on how the...